Joseph P. Anthony

Professional Psychic Astrologer

My Story

As a leading Psychic and Professional Astrologer for more than 20 years, Joseph has been featured on countless television and radio programs and has been the astrologer of choice for many noted athletes and celebrities. Lectures frequently, he helps you to understand the importance of the core of our soul and being able to comprehend the symbols of our sub-conscious through the use of Astrology.

From an early age, Joseph knew he was born with a gift. Joseph recognized his ability to see, hear and feel things beyond normal comprehension, an insightful awareness some may call extraordinary sensory perception. He enjoys helping guide his clients to understand who they are, the talents they may possess and the challenges they may encounter in life.

He is also a business astrologer advising companies how to better forecast growth opportunities and future trends that may affect overall business performance. His intuitive astrological services have helped numerous companies to help determine a positive outcome for their businesses and the leadership that guides them.

Current Topics: Road To 2012 & Beyond Astrological predictions of events and places that will be affected by many of societal changes and galactic alignments leading up to December 21, 2012 and beyond.

The Nature of Our Reality: An extensive examination of reality as spiritual beings having a human experience. Areas included: where did we come from, what is our purpose here, how do we live in harmony, how do we evolve spiritually, and much more.

Ancient Civilizations and their Symbols: Designed to give an introduction to the ancient beliefs and mythologies of their time; ancient symbols from Egyptian, Celtic, Native American, Chinese, Japanese and more.