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My View of June 2014

Time for us to revisit the past once again as Messenger Mercury turns retrograde on June 7th. Mercury's three-week reversal period is a time to double back and tie up loose ends. Reconnecting with people, refining plans, focusing on health and maintaining equipment are useful ways to use this retrograde cycle. Important information should be verified more than once to avoid misunderstandings until Mercury goes direct on July 1st.

On June 9th surreal Neptune also turns retrograde, but is unlikely to mark any overt changes. However, this subtle shift suggests that faith comes more from within than through external sources. The divine lives in each of us and doesn't require outside authorities to make it more present in our lives. Forgiving ourselves helps us to find inner truth and spiritual guidance over the next five months. On June 13th the visionary Sagittarius Full Moon's opposition to the Sun in near-sighted Gemini encourages us to broaden our range of perception. Long-term interests vie for attention with immediate issues, making it difficult to know where to focus our efforts.

The following day a high octane alignment between macho Mars and passionate Pluto could ignite tempers or increase our desire for action. As always with this much energy, its best to use it physically on ourselves such as exercise, walking, or exploring new opportunities. On June 21st the majestic Sun enters sensitive Cancer and marks the beginning of the Summer solstice in the Northern Hemisphere. This transit is when we drop below the level of intellect to tap into a more primal aspect of emotions. On June 23rd charming Venus enters diverse Gemini to increases our need for variety within matters of the heart. Finally, the Cancer New Moon on June 27th stirs up memories from the past as we recognize the emotional nourishment we need in our lives.

“What happened in the past that was painful has a great deal to do with what we are today.”
- William Glasser