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  Astrology for the Month

The second month of the New Year is upon us as we make our way through the Sun in Aquarius, the sign that represents the future and hopeful possibilities. This sign is known to break the rules and blaze its own path while doing so; thoughts, ideas, and behavior are unconventional with this zodiac sign. Uranus is the planet associated with Aquarius and this month, unpredictable Uranus will be very prominent towards the end of February; buckle up folks because it should be quite a cosmic adventure. As the third of three Air signs in the zodiac (mental and intellectual energy), Aquarius is the social, outward expression of our thoughts and ideas. This may be a big reason the sign of Aquarius is known to represent the cutting edge of technology, being the source of the latest and greatest the mind has to offer. Its energy can be volatile, its actions unexpected. Some Aquarians aren’t eager or willing to conform to society’s expectations – they want to stand out and make their presence known. We are certainly witnessing this these days with protests around the US.

February’s energy begins in high gear as last month’s New Moon in Aquarius has us focused on human rights, while Mars (competitive) entered its own sign of Aries and is ramping up the energy level even more. But wait it gets better, on February 3rd, loving Venus enters Aries as well suggesting that we open up our hearts as we make our way through these social transitions. When Venus is in the sign ruled by Mars, her male counterpart, she gains the energy to go out and get what she wants. Don't be surprised if you run into a lot of assertive women this month. They'll all be taking on more than they can really handle and be doing a lot of running around for other people, but they'll somehow find a way to enjoy themselves. On the personal side, Venus in Aries will easily excite us by the prospect of a new love or money making opportunity.

We’ll have a chance to review our relationships on February 6th as idealistic Jupiter retrogrades in partnership-oriented Libra. The expansiveness of Jupiter begins to recede during the retrograde period which will last until June 9th. Jupiter retrograde is a regular cycle occurring every 13 months and lasting for about 4 months. Transiting Jupiter retrograde represents a time of philosophical or spiritual introspection and reflection. This time around it happens to be in the arena of relationships. What lessons did you learn from your past interactions? Were they good experiences or not so good experiences? If the lesson is not complete you may find yourself with people situations and events from the past that need resolution. By the time Jupiter goes direct; you should have come to terms with the relevant issues and be prepared for the next phase. .....Click here to continue reading newsletter