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  Astrology for the Month

The slow cosmic winds of change continue in August with a very dynamic and passion-filled month. The month begins with Saturn stationing direct in Scorpio on August 1-2. Saturn is almost at the end of his journey in Scorpio. There has been a feeling of restraint and delay during these last few months that Saturn has been retrograde. We have been required to revisit darker issues that finally need to be put to rest. As Saturn turns direct, we can anticipate gaining closure in certain aspects of our lives in order to move on to the next part of the journey.

On August 3rd expansive Jupiter will square karmic Saturn adding more pressure to change our current philosophy with regards to responsibilities. During this powerful transit we will need to figure out what is worth working on to benefit future developments and where we may have been inclined to exaggerate potential. Considering Jupiter will be heading on to oppose dreamy Neptune in September, Saturn may actually turn out to be a positive influence, even if you feel the restriction in our plans. For all our optimism, big dreams and desire to ‘live it large’, we still must stay within the bounds of reality which is Saturn’s job.

Some stability enters the picture on August 6th when restless Mars trines steady Saturn. Whilst Mars in Cancer defends more than attacks, this cardinal sign tends towards proactive measures. This may be as simple as taking responsibility for any feelings of unhappiness while initiating changes to create a better emotional support system....Click here to continue reading newsletter