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  Astrology for the Month

We have now entered the “Surreal Zone” where our imaginations and visions rule. This year is all about seeing reality for what it is, seeing through the illusions of control, restrictions, false beliefs, and ideas of what life should be. As we begin the month of March, the radiant Sun continues to transit the twelfth sign of the zodiac, Pisces. This sign represents the doorway between worlds, physical and non-physical. It is the origin of our dreams and visions for our lives, our intuitions, our compassion and selflessness, and our connection to All-That-Is. Many of us have dreams of what we’d like to be or do or have in our lives. We often think of them just as dreams or fantasies with no possibility of becoming the reality of our lives. Yet, time and time again, we see evidence of dreams coming true – of people who can testify to their visions of their lives becoming the reality from their dreams.

We all have dreams, visions, and intuition friends and must learn how to understand and recognize that we are connected via this energy/light we call God, Source, Creator, etc…we are a manifestation of this source. WE are also connected to EVERYTHING! WE are ONE with everyone and everything around you! Once you tap into this awareness to realize that you and everything around you is all energy, making your dreams the reality of your life isn’t so far-fetched after all. Of course, the manifestation of our dreams may not come about exactly the way we want or expect it to. This is where Pisces idealism and fanaticism rears its often ugly head. We at times understand on some level of our being (sometimes consciously, sometimes unconsciously) that with clear and focused intention, the circumstances of our lives will align to bring forth all that is truly desired. But, we MUST have patience as we continue to transform on every level.

On March 4th, we’ll have the opportunity to reconnect with others and situations from the past when Venus turns retrograde in the self-directed sign of Aries. Venus Retrograde is an optical illusion, where the planet appears to be going backward from our perspective here on earth. The planet of romance, money and what we value does a turn around every 18 months. This retrograde period will be from March 4th through April 15th. Venus represents beauty, fashion, appearance, partnerships, agreements, romance, financial matters, money, and sensuality. During this retrograde, we can expect to reconnect with childhood friends, former lovers, investment opportunities from the past, business ideas, money making opportunities, and contracts and agreements. The last time Venus went retrograde was during the summer of 2015, so expect a unique confluence of energies that hasn’t been felt in a long time. .....Click here to continue reading newsletter