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  Astrology for the Month

We find ourselves off to a slow start this month but the momentum quickly picks up as the month unfolds. Five months of working behind the scenes is about to pay off with a noticeable energetic shift towards the middle of May. It may feel a bit sleepy as Mercury goes direct on May 3rd with the shadow period lasting until May 21st (meaning it takes until then for Mercury to regain full strength), and Venus will still take until May 19th to regain its full strength. Even in the time of these remaining shadow periods that encompass a good bit of the month, there are some excellent aspects to help start moving things along, especially starting on May 9th with a positive Sun-Pluto trine.

As the Sun continues to make its way through the sign that represents physical manifestation, Taurus, I am reminded of that old saying “you get what you ask for”. Now is the time to ask for what you desire. Taurus is the sign of all things material, physical, and financial and most commonly, our basic survival needs – food, shelter, sex, etc. Security and stability of these resources are associated with Taurus. Comfort and ease in obtaining these resources are also important considerations for Taurus. And of course, there’s the infamous bull-headed stubbornness and force that Taurus can have when it’s will is contested or when it wants its way. Even though the Sun in Taurus is about materializing our desires asking alone would not be enough; in addition to asking, one must be willing to take action.

On May 9th a wonderful Sun-Pluto alignment brings increased potential for someone or something with tremendous power to align with your desires. The power could come from a discovery, a person, a mysterious source, or countless other places. Following hunches at this time can greatly increase your chances during this alignment. On the following day, an in depth Full Moon in Scorpio reveals something in the arena of shared power, financial matters, resources, intimate business, romance, or other relationships, esoteric studies, psychological matter or studies, mysteries or research come to completion, or fruition now. Mercury is also conjunct Uranus during this lunation so some nerve-jangling or positively exciting news could accompany this energy. Always guard your head and brain when Uranus connects with Mercury in Aries, the synapses will be firing at full capacity during this transit. .....Click here to continue reading newsletter