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  Astrology for the Month

We will be revisiting the past in a big way this month thanks to five planets in retrograde motion, but not all at the same time. As the month begins Venus and Jupiter continue their retrograde motion, on April 5th Saturn goes retrograde followed by Mercury on April 9th, and finally Pluto on April 20th. What does this all mean? Well, the energies of these planets are turned inward and become more subjective. We have to think more deeply about the energies involved: harmony, beauty and love (Venus), precision, stability and ethics (Saturn), communication and reasoning, (Mercury) our philosophy and beliefs (Jupiter), and transformation (Pluto). So, this is a good time to improve ourselves and to make major changes in our lives.

While the Sun continues to visit Aries, it is important that we are conscious of our actions, both individually and collectively. As Newton’s Third Law states, “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction”. Therefore, we need to be aware that the actions we choose to take will have results that match not only our deeds, but the intentions behind our deeds. The Universe brings forth magic and miracles not from our trying to force outcomes, but from our willingness to take action to create and bring forth our heart’s desires. The Universe will generously assist us on our journey, but it will not carry us…we must be willing to take steps forward, to take ownership for what we are creating. The Universe can only assist in creation when we trust its presence and allow it to provide us with our highest good.

On February 3rd relationship-oriented Venus moved into the assertive sign of Aries, but she went retrograde on March 4th beginning her forty two day retrograde period. Now this month she backtracks into Pisces for some unfinished business on April 2nd. The business of Venus moving retrograde in Pisces is that of reflecting on just what it is you need to be doing to reach that elusive state of Nirvana, wherein you are at peace with the world and have compassion for everyone. Since Venus also represents partnerships perhaps someone you had been spending time taking care of still needs your attention. Perhaps you just want to linger a while longer in your romantic dreams. Whatever you were contemplating and reminiscing about while Venus is in Pisces, this is a time to revisit it. When Venus turns direct on April 15th, you will be ready to move on with greater love for those you care about greatly. .....Click here to continue reading newsletter