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  Astrology for the Month

Some months give us inspiration and others, not so much. This April is one of the latter. To be fair, the month starts out energetic enough. If you’ve got new projects you want to launch, kick them off before April 5th. After that point things begin to slow down. Way, way down as the energy is rather heavy this month. We will have several planets going retrograde along with another powerful Full Moon in Scorpio. But let’s look on the bright side, mindfulness, deep work, and exploring the pleasure principle can all be motivational tools that help with the cosmic vibe in April. We will be learning how to turn lemons into lemonade this month!

The momentum begins to shift on April 5th when Venus enters Aries and Mercury enters Taurus. Where Venus goes, our hearts go. Her energy relates to the kind of surroundings that make us feel comfortable. She is a yin planet, meaning that she is not so much pro-active, but rather, what she wants she draws to her. One of the things Venus wants is social interaction. She wants the happy, fun, "meaningful" part of relationships. She is lovely, refined, and beautiful. And make no mistake, she is very seductive. When Venus is in the sign ruled by Mars, her male counterpart, she gains the energy to go out and get what she wants.

At the same time this going on, mental Mercury flexes its cerebral muscle through a sign whose energy focuses on the physical things of life. Stamina, strength, possessions and property are the theme here-- all solid, stable, material things. You can touch them, they endure, and they feel heavy. So when the planet of reason moves into this realm, the thinking process is slowed. We need to "think things through". Answers do not come through quickly. We get more satisfaction out of digging in the garden or going to the gym or even walking around the block. The earth needs to be turned up after the winter freeze so its nutrients can begin to flow again. The same is true for our thoughts. When Mercury is in the earthy sign of Taurus, it's time to trim away the old dead growth so the new can flourish. .....Click here to continue reading newsletter