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  Astrology for the Month

Hope all is going well in your world. By now many of you are aware of this weird energy that’s in the air, much of it is being caused by the Sun’s magnetic field that makes its way towards the earth and affecting our moods and weather patterns. This month we also have five planets that are in retrograde motion. The planets in backward motion are: Mercury (communication), Mars (action), Jupiter (philosophy), Saturn (lessons), and Pluto (transformation) that are all contributing to a slowdown so we could reflect upon our lives and sense of purpose. In May the planets are asking us to appreciate what we have, realize where we have been, resolve any issues from the past and reconnect with loved ones before moving forward once again. It’s a time to come back to our senses, and take stock. It's a retreat back to what's natural, like your true talents and values.

We start off the month with the radiant Sun continuing to transit easy-going Taurus. This is the sign of all things material, physical, and financial and most commonly, our basic survival needs – food, shelter, sex, and such. Security and stability of these resources are associated with Taurus. Comfort and ease in obtaining these resources are also important considerations for Taurus. And of course, there’s the infamous bull-headed stubbornness and force that Taurus can have when its will is contested or when it wants its way. Taurus represents our lifestyle resources and needs. I use the term “lifestyle needs” because in truth, Taurus addresses the resources or desires we need to survive. It is the financial, material, and physical side of our lives, and having those resources in place is what has us individually and collectively feel safe, comfortable, secure, and at ease. We feel taken care of when our lifestyle needs are met.

This month we have a New Moon in Taurus on May 6th. The sign is ruled by the planet Venus, which governs our relationships, our appreciation of beauty and our sensuality, as well as our connection to Mother Earth and her abundant gifts. This lunation is asking us to take a look at how we can create more abundance, more beauty, more grace in our lives by going beyond the basic “fear and survival” mode…… how can we better sustain ourselves and our planet in the face of the constant fear of financial losses and material lack. If we are stubbornly holding onto to old bad habits, this New Moon enables us to see where we have been “stuck” and to move forward. .....Click here to continue reading newsletter