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  Astrology for the Month

Welcome to July, the birth month of the United States of America and also the birthing of new changes ahead. This month the Sun continues to transit the emotional and safety-driven sign of Cancer. The cautious crab sign symbolizes our foundational needs. It is about nurturing, caring, and protecting on a fundamental level that which helps us distinguish our emotions in our early childhood and throughout our formative years. This sign is all about trust and who we let in to our inner circle. As newborns, our first inclination is to trust. After all, we don’t know any better. We enter this world immediately dependent on those around us to tell us how to navigate this world we are born into, and as result we are subject to their interpretations of this world through their actions toward us and their choices for us.

Our first and deepest emotional impressions come through our “families”, through birth and/or circumstance. These are the people who give us life and give us the environments which surround us in our earliest and most formative years set the tone for our own personal choices and therefore, for our lives. These days we are certainly taking notice of the people that surround our lives and the many changes that are happening in government, banking, and our perception of reality. On some subconscious level we are all trying to understand what all of these changes mean. This month we are looking for the security that comes along with knowing we are safe.

On July 4th, (Independence Day in the US) the Cancer New Moon once again emphasizes the need for emotional security. Cancer is the sign of the Great Mother, the feminine archetype par excellence- the primal water sign in charge of the birthing process (including labor pains), the nurturer of family, children, community and country (Even Homeland Security). Since the birth chart of the U.S. has a Cancerian Sun sign (born on the 4th of July), money, as well as domestic, home and family issues will be a big concern, as both the Sun and Moon will pull this into sharp focus. The U.S. housing “crisis”, as well as the banking and monetary system will be addressed one way or the other…there is no escaping this one. On a personal level we must face our fears of the unknown and find sanctuary with those we love that make us feel secure that everything will be just fine. .....Click here to continue reading newsletter