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  Astrology for the Month

Welcome to June 2015…A new month of experiences and the midway point of the year. Time appear to be moving very rapidly but it’s not time that is changing, it is our perception of time that is shifting. Over the past few weeks our focus has been on revisiting old business thanks to Mercury retrograding until June 11th. Fortunately, some mentally stimulating news arrives on June 2nd when an inspiring Sagittarius Full Moon could provide a snap shot of the big picture ahead.

This picture maybe a bit hazy though as retrograde Mercury will be opposing this lunation along with foggy Neptune. On the bright side, adventurous Jupiter and unpredictable Uranus will be favorably aligning to this Full Moon helping to provide some added motivation for change. Sagittarius is mutable fire, the sign of broad knowledge -- the kind that connects the dots. This is very, very empowering, and allows you to consider new and surprising possibilities. A Sagittarius Full Moon brings together the lively curiosity of Gemini (Sun) and the sharp instincts of Sagittarius (Moon). So be watchful for prophetic dreams, and note the serendipity in waking life.

A few days later on June 5th, lovely Venus enters prideful Leo and begins to shine in elegant glory. Talk about Love and Romance! Leo is big and bold and loves applause, so when Venus is here, we start wanting to get out of the cocoon and into the lime light. Romance and having fun become the main interest. Shopping for luxurious, tasteful things fits right in too. Just watch out for too much of a good thing. Leo energy can be overwhelming in the beginning, but it often fizzles at the end...
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