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Thoughts for the Month
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My View of April 2014

This month we will embark upon one of the most pivotal turning points of our time. The month features so much astrological activity it will be virtually impossible to sit still and do nothing. We begin April still feeling the effects of last month’s supercharged Aries New Moon that was conjunct unpredictable Uranus, squaring expansive Jupiter and transformational Pluto. Wow! Talk about pressure to change!

The festivities begin on April 5th as fair-minded Venus enters compassionate Pisces for a month long awareness that we are all connected spiritually. Next, on April 7th cerebral Mercury enters impulsive Aries to increase our mental capacity and verbal self- expression. This month features two major eclipses, the first one being a Lunar Eclipse in partnership-oriented Libra on April 15th. This eclipse can bring in drama involving others, with a need to release unnecessary patterns of accommodation. If you find yourself in a situation that no longer suits you, it is time to stand your ground. On April 19th the radiant Sun enters sensation oriented Taurus. This solar ingress into this fixed earth sign is a time to connect with the physical senses and enjoy the pleasures of life, However that may be harder to do as a very rare Cardinal Grand Cross begins to intensify.

On April 20-22, we will experience this Cardinal Grand Cross formation that will be between Uranus, Jupiter, Mars, and Pluto. Together, these four planets form the peak of astrology’s most powerful aspect pattern: a geometrical square called a Grand Cross. All these competing energies will square off and produce a very volatile mix of freedom, expansion, aggression, and emotion. This configuration features both squares and oppositions that are dynamic aspects that request we change something in our lives, but, even changes that we desire can evoke their own kind of stress. We wind down the month with a powerful Solar Eclipse in Taurus on April 29th which will be asking us, over the next six months, to change our values and beliefs.

“The world may look like it’s going crazy at this time. But if you’re committed to positive change, you can enjoy the ride of your life as you surf this cosmic tsunami.”
- Joseph P. Anthony