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  Astrology for the Month

I’m sure many of you are glad that September is over. October will be a welcome relief after such a challenging month. We saw two eclipses, a retrograde, and unsettling cosmic aspects that continued to shake our core. The overriding question last month was, “What the heck is going on?” Fortunately in October we have a more hospitable welcoming committee beginning with the New Moon in Libra on October 1st, suggesting that we reach out and connect with others. This lunation will be joined by benevolent Jupiter, which entered Libra on September 9th, bringing with it greater opportunities to improve our relationships over the coming year.

Emotionally now, it’s important to look to where we can develop our relationships and how we can introduce more harmony into our lives. The Libra New Moon’s square to Pluto and Mars however can be a little irritating. Both planets want control, autonomy and to ‘do it my way‘but the Libra emphasis advocates compromise. Thankfully, a sweet alignment to Saturn may help us to go for the mature approach. Saturn acts like a stabilizer for a wobbly-wheeled bike so it’s easier to find our balance despite the influence from forceful Mars and controlling Pluto.

On October 5th, restless Mars, never one to be beaten, moves into a square with Jupiter. Mars and Jupiter can work well together as we can find ourselves with an enormous amount of get-up-and-go under this influence. If you have a big project coming up, use this energy to your advantage. The square however does mean that sometimes we can take on too much or over-reach. It’s difficult to know our limits and the rush of enthusiasm from these two says ‘I can do it all’ Just make sure to follow Jupiter in Libra’s example and ensure the work/life balance is there to prevent burnout. .....Click here to continue reading newsletter