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  Astrology for the Month

The summer is upon us and it’s time to let our creativity shine. The radiant Sun continues to visit its home sign of Leo. As the Sun rules Leo astrologically, this month will be like having the Sun times two. And much like its ruler in the midst of summer, Leo energy likes to be “center stage” with the spotlight shining fully and brightly on its expression. Leo is the actor and actress energy of the Zodiac, as most of them somehow manages to be or become the center of attention in their lives. Many Leos or people with strong Leo influence in their charts receive attention naturally or automatically with their mere presence. Yet most Leos don’t (fully) realize they have this power and presence about them, and spend much of their lives seeking acknowledgement.

As we begin the month, this vibrant energy is amplified even more as the Leo New Moon on August 2nd brings out a greater need for generosity and recognition. This New Moon makes for warm hosts, who will take control of any social situation, making sure that all guests are taken care of. The energy is great for organizing people and events, so that the flames of enthusiasm and friendliness forge longstanding alliances. The only major aspect to this lunation will be a nice trine to Saturn; making for a great balance of intuition and realism. The sensitive Moon and serious Saturn do not usually make easy bedfellows, but the trine warms and soften things here nicely. The over-riding theme is the need to achieve so as to build and boost ones personal security.

On the same day of the New Moon, mighty Mars makes its way back into fun-loving Sagittarius bring with it a stronger desire for more adventure and exploration. When Mars is moving direct in Sagittarius, he's the bad boy who pushes boundaries; the rebel looking for a cause, which means we'll be able to harness this fiery, fearless energy to make things happen. But it's also possible we'll have so much reckless energy during this transit that we may take things too far, or act so impulsively that we make mistakes. Religious zeal, philosophical fighting, legal battles and overseas wars are expressions of this combination. Our best approach to this heated transit is to cool it with logic and a moment's pause before doing anything rash. .....Click here to continue reading newsletter