July 2019 Astrology Overview

June 30, 2019
Joseph Anthony

Hi Friends,
Buckle up, because we are in for quite the cosmic ride in July. Not only do we have two very powerful eclipses, but we’ll also have Mercury going retrograde and Mars will square Uranus once again. This month’s energy is very unstable; the Total Solar Eclipse in Cancer on July 2nd is suggesting we reset our feelings, foundations, and family dynamics. However, we may be feeling uncertain about the choices that are before us. Cancer is a very caution sign so we can be sure we will take it all in before making any life changing decisions. The Lunar Eclipse on July 16th is even more powerful and it will be conjunct Pluto and Saturn. This lunation is guaranteed to bring endings, completions, and some from of realization to our lives.

Sandwiched in between the solar/lunar events will be a Mercury retrograde that begins on July 7th and will last until July 31st, also, Mars will square Uranus beginning on July 11th and will be in effect until July 16th. Anytime macho Mars is in a difficult alignment with explosive Uranus there is always this feeling of high current electricity in the air and anything is possible. Both these planets are very unpredictable and accident prone. With so much push and pull cosmic activity in the first two weeks of July, it’s sure to be a wild ride for many. I would suggest spending time with good friends and especially your family and try not to get into any unnecessary bickering.

On the very first day of July, mighty Mars enters fiery Leo for an eight week visit. It’s all about strutting our stuff over the next several weeks. Mars is in his glory when he visits any of the fire signs, and Leo definitely likes to strut. Some of that strutting could get abrasive to the more refined types among us. But, we’ll have tremendous energy to exert. Leo is a fire sign and Mars is full of fire. We’ll take whatever is handed to us and run until we drop. We must not forget, though, that Mars is a warrior. During this transit it’s easy to let our egos get in the way. Be careful who you step on — they may come back to haunt you. Try to work out whatever hostilities you may be feeling through some good old fashioned exercise.

On July 2nd the New Moon/ Solar Eclipse in Cancer will act as a cosmic reset. All Solar Eclipses are associated with new beginnings, and this New Moon only amplifies it even more thanks to its connection to futurist Uranus. This lunation will be asking us to be more open to new experiences and opportunities, but not place expectations on how it will look, what kind of people we will meet or what will happen. That’s because we’ll likely be wrong! At the same time, be willing to reflect upon what is happening on the inside as well. Chances are this massive energetic shift will cause a stirring from within that may surprise you. Do not shy from this but instead welcome any divinely given guidance and abundance. This cosmic event will likely be the start of something amazing.

Our minds begin to reminisce about relationships past and present as Venus enters sensitive and nostalgic Cancer on July 3rd. When romantic Venus, the goddess of love, moves into the sign of home and hearth, this brings us a time to reflect, relax and enjoy the people and places we’ve been. It’s a trip down memory lane from childhood experiences to significant connections with others. Cancer is a sensitive, caring sign, a sign where the Venusian energy is easily expressed. Empathy comes freely and there is a real desire to provide nourishment to those around us. We often feel like protecting and nurturing those we love and cherish. Don’t hold it back, you may be surprised how good it feels.

Our thoughts turn to the past on July 7th when messenger Mercury goes retrograde in Leo. We’re going to get plenty of practice trying to get some applause for our big ideas with this retrograde. We can expect some BIG miscommunications, mishaps, misunderstandings, for a few days before and after this event, but once the retrograde motion settles in, we will have time to ponder and rethink some of these grandiose ideas. Some of these thoughts can actually motivate us to take action on July 11th when fiery Mars squares erratic Uranus. This transit can give us a strong urge to break free from restriction and rebel against authority. A tendency to act rashly without regard for the consequences can lead to great disruption, conflict or sudden accidents. Awareness of this dynamic energy is key at this time which can instead lead to inventive and creative breakthroughs and a reinvigorate our personal lives. It may be difficult to restrain this erratic energy so it’s best to express it through creativity or physicality such as exercise.

Our emotional life undergoes a massive change on July 16th with a powerful Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn. What makes this lunation is powerful is that Pluto will be conjunct at this time. Moon conjunct Pluto brings such deep feelings that they can overwhelm us. A personal interaction or event may trigger a memory or emotion buried deep in our subconscious. We might even become obsessed about our feelings and have trouble focusing on anything else. Dreams, visions, psychic impressions or intuitive insights may have a profound influence on our moods. Interactions with women will be particularly intense and revealing.

Our intuition will be quite strong during this Full Moon which could obscure our rational thought processes and conscious judgment. In relationships, we may have to deal with controlling and manipulative behaviors like jealousy, guilt-tripping, threats, intimidation, etc. It would be best to transcend challenging emotions and behaviors through meditation, self-analysis, or other techniques to understand our feelings. Avoid being overly assertive, egotistic, or resistant to change at this time. Challenges are more likely if you stubbornly resist change, or have engaged in some habit that is destructive to yourself or others.

On July 19th Mercury retrogrades back into Cancer. As Mercury slips back into Cancer for a few weeks, we’ll have an opportunity to see how we really feel about those big bold ideas we’ve been having while Mercury was running around in Leo. It’s time to re-think some of them on a non-logical level. Some of the energy we gained while Mercury was in Leo will carry us through to this retrograde into Cancer, giving us the boost we need to clean up and clear out old debris that has been bogging our lives down.

Our creativity starts to blossom on July 22nd when the Sun enters Leo. The Sun in Leo is in the sign that it rules and it always seems to bring out the best in us. Leo is a very positive and loving sign with a need to be seen and heard. Taken to extreme, Leo’s energy can, of course, lead to arrogance and obnoxiousness. Thinking of others is the last thing on our minds. For the next month, we’ll all have a chance to feel more confident about whatever we might be doing. And we’ll have a giant energy boost to help us along the way. Just try to remember that other people are feeling exactly the same way.

The theme of partnerships and beauty returns on July 27th as Venus enters Leo. When Venus is moving through Leo, she begins to shine in elegant glory. Talk about Love and Romance! Leo is big and bold and loves applause, so when Venus is here, we start wanting to get out of the cocoon and into the lime light. Romance and having fun become the main interest. Shopping for luxurious, tasteful things fits right in too. Just watch out for too much of a good thing. Leo energy can be overwhelming in the beginning, but it often fizzles at the end.

The need to express ourselves sky rockets even more on July 31st as the second New Moon of the month will occur in Leo as well. The Leo New Moon is concerned with self-expression in a big way, and showing what’s in your heart. So, this will be a time of new beginnings whether it is a relationship, an idea, or a goal. During this lunation we feel the need to open our hearts, and make our deepest desires become everything in our lives. This is a great time to ask yourself if you’re truly been doing the things that make you feel the most fulfilled. Later in the evening we also have Mercury moving forward once again in Cancer.

During the few days before and after this turnaround of Mercury in Cancer to direct motion, we may find our feelings getting hurt over misunderstood criticisms of our ideas, but once the speed of the direct motion takes off, forward progress will be made and we can will be able to see new ways to put the finishing touches on our plans.


Psychic Astrologer

Joseph P. Anthony

By Joseph Anthony

Joseph has been a leading Psychic and Professional Astrologer for more than 20 years. He has been featured on countless television and radio programs and has been the astrologer of choice for many noted athletes and celebrities. Joseph helps create understanding about the importance of the core of our soul and aids in the comprehension of the symbols of our sub-conscious through the use of Astrology.

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