July 2022 Astrology Overview & Video Horoscopes

June 24, 2022
Joseph Anthony

Hi Friends,
Summer has arrived in the Northern Hemisphere and the heat is being turning up. July is a month where we feel pulled from one emotional activity to another thanks to the Sun now visiting the sign of Cancer. However, it will be generally more enjoyable than previous months now that we are temporarily stepping away from some of the chaotic energy we experienced between April and early June.

As the Sun transits Cancer it’s the time of the year that emphasizes family, foundation, and feelings. We are self-protective and insular under this influence. Our attention turns to our nest–our life homes, real estate and anything that makes us feel “at home”, safe, and secure. Nurturing and taking care of our loved ones and our pet projects comes into focus. Emotions run deep though. We are more susceptible to the ups and downs of the Moon while the Sun is in Cancer. Venus will also be joining the homebound crew and enters Cancer on July 17.

Overall July is a very action-oriented month helping us to focus, take charge of our lives, and launch many new projects, relationships, and plans or build upon previously existing ones. Although, putting in “the work” is especially important at this time, and as long as you plot out your strategy and focus on how you can apply effort consistently, you very well could achieve some of your greatest victories in the long-term. Know what you want, then begin to manifest it.

A lot of our motivation begins on July 1st as Mars squares Pluto. Mars has been transiting its home sign of Aries since May 24 encouraging us to take a look hard look at ourselves and what we want to accomplish. Pluto has been working its magic to transform our purpose and any entity that controls society; exposing truths at the deepest levels is one of its powers. This transit is like trying to start a fire with dynamite, it
can be potentially explosive, dangerous combination but energy is neutral until directed. You can easily channel this powerful energy in a positive way though.

Our modus operandi switches gears on July 5 when the planet of action, Mars enters the slower pace of Taurus. While Mars is in Taurus we’ll have the strength of the bull on our side. For Mars, being in Taurus is like trying to run across a street after an accident involving a truck full of glue. It’s painfully slow. It just takes such an enormous amount of energy to get from A to B. But although Taurus slows down the ability of Mars to dash about, his impulsiveness is replaced with stamina and endurance. Like the huge earthmoving machines transforming a swath of once-thick forest into a road, it’s slow, heavy, and powerful.

On the same day, the planet of communication Mercury enters emotionally receptive Cancer. For the next few weeks, communication and thoughts may be more emotionally-rooted and centered on others. When Mercury moves through Cancer it sends our reasoning process into “feelings” mode. Cancer is a water sign, so thoughts just pour in on their own. You’ll find your mind taking a lot of logical side trips, as you bounce from river to ocean and back to a little lake before settling down on the porch. Picture the crab and how it walks sideways toward its target. Mercury is about thinking, so it’s time to think sideways. It takes a little longer, but the trip is nicer.

This month’s Full Moon highlights the hardworking sign of Capricorn on July 13. This lunation is encouraging us to finish what we was started at the beginning of the lunar cycle back in January 2022. You’ll ask yourself what have you obtained, what you have yet to achieve, and what you need to adjust to make things happen. A Capricorn Full Moon is all about success and never taking “No” for an answer. So, this is the time when you’ll get to the finish line because this Moon will help you tackle any obstacles you face along the way.

On July 17 the goddess of Love, Venus, enters the sensitive sign of Cancer. When Venus visits the sign of home and hearth, this brings us a time to relax and enjoy the people and parcels of home. Cancer is a delicate, caring sign, a sign where the Venusian energy is easily expressed. Empathy comes freely and there is a real desire to provide nourishment to those around us. Don’t hold it back.

We won’t have any problems expressing ourselves on July 19 when Mercury enters Leo. During this transit we can expect our communication and thoughts to be more dramatic, theatrical, and passionate for the next few weeks. Leo loves the limelight and is proud of it! As Mercury moves into the fire sign of Leo, we all begin to want applause for our dramatic, big-picture concepts. Mercury in Leo brings a tremendous surge of activity, like the wind whipping up a fire storm. This is what you could call an extremely symbiotic relationship. Mercury, the little instigator, stirs Leo’s already strong and active passions into a frenzy of doing things. Then, as Leo’s heat intensifies, Mercury’s curiosity increases to move even faster to stay one step ahead.

Our creative desires are amplified on July 22 when the radiant Sun enters its home sign of Leo. In Leo, the Sun is proud, outgoing, and playful. The Leo Sun is intensely individual—not content with simply being just one of the team. It’s time to shine, add a touch of color and drama to our lives, and perform. Like the flowers and fruit of the season–blossoming and ripened–this is a time when we want to enjoy ourselves and express ourselves. We are more generous and grand in our gestures and attitudes. On the shadow side, we can also be self-centered and vain.

Taken to extremes, Leos’s energy can, of course, lead to arrogance and obnoxiousness. Thinking of others is the last thing on our minds. For the next month, we’ll all have a chance to feel more confident about whatever we might be doing. And we’ll have a giant energy boost to help us along. Just try to remember that other people are feeling exactly the same way.

This month’s New Moon on July 28 also highlights the sign of Leo. The New Lunar cycle is an excellent time for formulating goals regarding “all things Leo.” For example, we might concentrate on new ways to enhance our romantic life, creative endeavors and hobbies, and relationship with children, as well as build our self-confidence and healthy pride in ourselves.

Some of Leo’s lessons involve taking pride in ourselves as unique individuals, assuming responsibility for our lives, and giving ourselves warmly and generously to others. This New Moon period is an excellent time to meditate upon some of the characteristics of Leo. Keywords for this self-expressive Fire sign — such things as proud, noble, generous, hospitable, caring, warm, authoritative, active, and open — are traits that we might enhance, develop, and incorporate into our personalities.

We all have Leo somewhere in our charts. Seek the coming month to improve those areas of life. It’s time to awaken our “inner child” and find ways to express ourselves creatively. With this potent Leo energy, we can make significant changes in our lives that will benefit us well beyond this Moon cycle. It’s time to make some plans and set the stage for reaping the rewards from our new beginnings, as little or big as they may be, approximately two weeks after the Full Moon occurs. This lunation gets support from Jupiter, and we can find it natural to want to grow, improve, and move into the direction of positive change.

We begin to question our belief systems shortly after the New Moon when Jupiter goes Retrograde in Aries. For the few next months, we must honestly examine how we wish to grow, expand, and create changes in our lives and the lives of others. When Jupiter, which is called the “Great Benefic,” goes retrograde, it’s not necessarily a bad time. This planet doesn’t really affect us the way that the others do during its backwards stint, which makes life seem easy and breezy for most.

When Jupiter is backward motion in Aries the only thing to watch out for is that there may be challenging moral dilemmas that hold us back from making decisions. Choosing the right path will take time and consideration to ensure that we’re on track. Because Aries can bring a fiery, rash energy, not acting erratically and impulsively is the key during this reversal.

And Finally! The big enchilada of our lifetime will occur on July 31 when Uranus and Mars conjunct with the North Node in Taurus. For just over thirty-six hours from the end of July and early August 2022, Mars, Uranus and the North Node, will share the same degree in Taurus, (18°). Where ever this is in your personal chart that is the area of significant change coming into being. Although this rare triple conjunction has never happened in precisely the same way, the last time Mars, Uranus and the North Node were in this rare conjunction was in 324 BC, when Alexander the Great laid the foundation, via conquest, of the Hellenistic era. Talk about powerful change!

The Sabian Symbol for this degree is “A newly formed continent”; a fitting expression of Taurus’s earth substrate and the longevity birthed from this fixed earth sign. Throw in Uranus with its need for change, and the volatile trigger of Mars, and North Node’s sense of destiny and this triple conjunction of 2022 strongly indicates that we’re heading into a new era. Like in Alexander’s time, the triple conjunction of Mars, Uranus and the North Node in 2022 is one of several astrological markers that indicates a destruction of an old way of life and the ushering in of another by means of what the World Economic Forum (“WEF”) has called “The Great Reset”.

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Have a Productive month folks!

Psychic Astrologer
Joseph P. Anthony

By Joseph Anthony

Joseph has been a leading Psychic and Professional Astrologer for more than 20 years. He has been featured on countless television and radio programs and has been the astrologer of choice for many noted athletes and celebrities. Joseph helps create understanding about the importance of the core of our soul and aids in the comprehension of the symbols of our sub-conscious through the use of Astrology.

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