November 2021 Astrology Overview

October 28, 2021
Joseph Anthony

Hi Friends,
Buckle up!! We have another intense month ahead thanks to the radiate Sun, mental Mercury and mighty Mars all transiting passionate Scorpio. This planetary trio of action is sure to bring some challenges for some, while others will see it as an opportunity to improve their lives. The sign of Scorpio is about deep psychological transformation, discovering hidden talents and skills to progress forward in our development. Since this sign is associate with death & rebirth, we may find ourselves needing to end or transform something in our current situations, could be a job, ending a relationship, moving away, or just changing our current belief system. This month’s New Moon will also be in Scorpio which is sure to insight more momentum.

As the Sun, Mercury, and Mars ride through Scorpio, blasting open buried stores of ambition and fury, they’ll be squared to Jupiter and Saturn, in Aquarius. Aquarius is a perfect match for Scorpio, meeting its intense power plays with a detached philosophy of idealism. These squares, running from November 9th through November 20th, are meant to test our will and aspirations. What are you working for? What higher purpose do you have? How can you make a greater difference in society?

As these three planets make their way through Scorpio’s underworld, they’ll all be opposed by Uranus, planet of upheaval and awakening in Taurus. Scorpio and Taurus are two sides of the same coin, both concerned over the question of personal power. The bull defines itself by what it has and values, while Scorpio takes ownership over whom it controls and benefit from. Unpredictably, power struggles, arguments, disagreements, conflicts, etc are all possible during these transits. This is explosive energy that can’t be harnessed, it’s like a volcano erupting….there is no stopping it. My suggestion is to use this energy as wisely as possible.

While all this volatile planetary energy is at play this month, the cherry bomb on top of this powder keg will be the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on November 19th. The Full Moon partial Lunar Eclipse will blow open the family tombs, exposing hidden or suppressed histories of gaslighting, control, manipulation, abuse and self-sabotage. This is the first of several eclipses on the Taurus-Scorpio axis, raging through 2023. Everything is up for renegotiation, especially financial matters.

We begin the month with the Scorpio New Moon on November 4th setting the tone. This lunation will be encouraging us to move out of our comfort zone and welcome new ways to live, heal, and transform. It’s a time for taking a good look at what we may have chosen to sweep under the carpet. Taking the time to understand others’ motives can enrich our feelings of intimacy, forgiveness, and sense of meaning. We might want to use this cycle to focus on personal development or one special project or relationship to help add purpose and depth to our lives. Personal relationships need a brand new approach, and we can see this more clearly through this New Moon.

And speaking of relationships, on November 5th we have Venus, planet of relating to others, entering Capricorn. Venus’s move into Capricorn brings with it an efficient, practical feeling. Venus also represents what kind of things we like and what makes us feel comfortable. In Capricorn what makes us comfortable are things that are useful and functional. No extra frills. When it comes to expressing the love so deeply associated with Venus, Capricorn sees your willingness to help get some work done as the true meaning of love. Don’t bother with all that hugging and kissing stuff. Until the job is finished, that is. Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign, combining the desire to initiate things with the depth and breadth of the physical world. It deals with the running of business, of understanding how to make the cogs of the wheel go round.

Later in the day, Mercury enters the intense waters of Scorpio bringing a period of deep and profound thought…moving from the thrill of sexual excitement to the enlightenment of spirit. We are more perceptive and aware during this transit. Not that we’ll tell anyone else about what we discover, though! Our thoughts are infused with such deep emotion that it can become just too painful to share our insights with anyone else.

The intensity level rises on November 17th when high-strung Mars opposes rebellious Uranus. Mars opposite Uranus transit can cause outbursts of anger directed at those who have upset you in the past. The anger and resentment may have been building for some time, now you cannot resist the temptation to lash out and go on the attack. Impulsiveness and disregard of tradition can also lead you to break free of your responsibilities and obligations.

Just as you may express the anger and frustration of Mars in an unexpected and explosive manner, you may be subject to unexpected attacks on your character or goals from other people. Either way, whether it is you attacking your enemies, or your enemies attacking you, the resulting disruption and nervous irritability are bound to upset the routine of your life, most likely in a negative fashion. This is not a helpful transit at all.

The best use of this disruptive energy is to think twice before lashing out and to use some tact and strategy before reacting to provocation. If you use these tactics, you can find the freedom from restrictions that you so strongly desire right now. The likelihood of defeat in any battle can also be lessened by using more forethought and seeking guidance from trusted friends.

As if the intensity level wasn’t high enough, two days later on November 19th a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus continues to stoke the fires of change. Our stability and sense of security will be rocked during this powerful Lunar Eclipse. Typically, the astrological Full Moon is a moon phase of harvesting, fulfillment and completion – but with a Lunar Eclipse, the normal Full Moon results are obscured, hidden or shrouded in mystery. All is definitely not quite as it seems – and this mysterious lunation can often bring emotional shocks and surprises in its wake. Lunar Eclipses are also often associated with a sudden ending, but it’s always important to remember that every ending is also necessarily a beginning of something new.


This Lunar Eclipse occurs on November 19th, 2021, in Taurus, a very solid, grounded earth sign. Taurus energy is all about security – both financial and practical security, but emotional security as well. Since the Moon rules our emotions, the Lunar Eclipse in Taurus effectively threatens our emotional security blankets. Something we rely upon or depend upon will suddenly feel not quite as stable and certain as it should, causing emotional angst, doubt and sometimes fear.

With a Lunar Eclipse in Taurus, the Sun lies in opposing Scorpio. This polarity gives us a clue about the most likely nature of the emotional tension brought by this Lunar Eclipse. Taurus is about structure, dependability, certainty and, as we’ve mentioned, security. Scorpio, on the other hand, is about transformation – forced when necessary, often painful, sometimes traumatic. The Sun in Scorpio encourages us to look at the depths of our darkness and to embrace what we find there – but this rocks the entire concept of Taurus stability.

Some relief finally arrives on November 21-22 when the Sun enters optimistic Sagittarius. With the Sun in Sagittarius, our focus shifts from the need for an intimate connection with a person and with ourselves, to the desire to reach out to the world and connect with something larger than ourselves. While the Sun moves through this fiery, mutable sign, we can take steps to increase our understanding and awareness of the world around us. We are more able to muster up the courage to expand our horizons and branch out into new ways of thinking. We can gain more confidence and optimism by focusing on the “big picture” as we move away from our focus on the details of mundane existence. Although we may be prone to overdoing our expectations, we have the opportunity to nurture our faith, hope, and vision under this influence.

A last, on November 24th, Mercury enters Sagittarius as well- NOW we’ll get some decisions! There’s no beating around the bush when Mercury moves into fiery Sagittarius. As the God of messages enters the sign of wisdom and philosophy, we all start thinking a little broader and smarter. Words will fly as Mercury’s winged feet combine with the prancing hooves of Sagittarius. For the next couple of weeks, refrains of “it’s the principle of the thing” will surely echo throughout the mountain tops. Just don’t shoot yourself in the foot over it.

Have a Productive month Folks!
Joseph P. Anthony

By Joseph Anthony

Joseph has been a leading Psychic and Professional Astrologer for more than 20 years. He has been featured on countless television and radio programs and has been the astrologer of choice for many noted athletes and celebrities. Joseph helps create understanding about the importance of the core of our soul and aids in the comprehension of the symbols of our sub-conscious through the use of Astrology.

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