October 2017 Astrology Newsletter

September 30, 2017
Joseph Anthony

Get ready for a transformational month where we begin to go deep within the psyche and question everything from our purpose in life to relationship interactions. This month is full of extra opportunities to purge items, beliefs, dynamics, that are no longer in resonance with your higher vision of life, compliments of lots of short-term planetary movement through Libra and Scorpio. Release and partnering continue as long-term themes due to Jupiter’s movement into Scorpio this month. The theme of expanding relationships began to get really heated up starting in the fall of last year when Jupiter moved into Libra. As Jupiter makes its move to Scorpio it will carry some different themes from the Libra transit but because Libra and Scorpio are two signs of relationships, merging continues as common theme that continues with the sign change.

Some additional themes starting in October and lasting for around a year will include psychology; astrology; mysteries of all kinds; occult or esoteric studies (exploring the riches of the lesser seen realms); the topic of shared or “other people’s” money through marriage, financial collaboration, inheritances, sweepstakes, lotto (and other winnings), debt, loans, taxes, investments, capital funding and other financial support or assistance, research/investigation; intimacy; sex; power; birth; death; rebirth (the energy of the Phoenix rising from the ashes); and empowerment of self and others.

First up on the agenda this month is the Full Moon in Aries on October 5th. Fullness, completion, endings, and fruition come to the sector of individuality and self-image. This lunar cycle can bring a notable amount of attention to the individual from others or could also come in the form of some physical accomplishments (like running a marathon) or a health issue coming to light or to a head. This Full Moon is also opposing Mercury, squaring Pluto both bringing forces that seem to work against accomplishment, and coinciding with Venus and Mars in Virgo, which can be very auspicious for money, love, and self-esteem. The Venus and Mars conjunction in Virgo could also bring some intense criticism. Try to use the enhanced analytical powers wisely during this transit.

This lunation is also a Harvest Moon which has lots to do with reaping what you sow and completing a cycle. Of course the theme of relationships versus self is highlighted here. Are we happy with our current situation? While the Sun is in the sign Libra, the Full Moon falls in the opposite sign, Aries. Aries is the first fire sign of the zodiac denoting the first courageous “push” of the emerging ego. The planetary ruler of Aries is the fiery planet, Mars. Aries encourages the spirit of the pioneer and the adventurer, and the archetype of the warrior. This Full Moon in Aries encourages us to embrace our passion fully, but to also be aware that this does not have to come at another’s expense. Conversely, victimization and martyrdom are the “shadow” side of Libra, and do not do well in the land of Aries.

The big cosmic event this month is the movement of Jupiter into Scorpio on October 10th. This movement of Jupiter is beginning the trend for the upcoming year of purging and merging. Mysteries, power, sex, intimacy, money, investments, shared resources, esoteric studies, psychology, astrology all have great potential to come into greater focus for the individual and the world in general. Jupiter symbolized faith and optimism, growth and expansion. This is not all that easy to express through the ominous nature of Scorpio. It does; however, help to lighten the sense moroseness those intense Scorpios often feel. But true to its nature, Jupiter brings a tendency to take on more and more, while the Scorpio energy just focuses all its attention on the task at hand to get it finished…and the next one…and the next one….and the next one….until exhaustion sets in and you’re wondering how you ever got yourself into all this. By the end of Jupiter’s time in Scorpio, you will very likely be looking for ways to get yourself out of some of these obligations.

The theme of partnerships is magnified on October 14th when Venus enters her home sign of Libra. While Venus is in this sign that she rules, we’ll get to enjoy the true essence of elegance, refinement, beauty, and socializing. Libra is associated with justice, fairness, and balance. Anything to do with the crudeness of confrontation is to be avoided at all costs. Libra is an air sign, so its energy is light and quick. When Venus, the goddess of love, is in Libra, she brings us a sense of peace and calm. She wants to make others happy and is more than willing to compromise, sometimes to her own detriment. It is easy to see the other person’s point of view while Venus is in Libra. It’s also easy to be beguiled by a smooth talker. So be fair and be kind, but don’t give away the farm.

Our attention to detail becomes more pronounced on October 17th as Mercury enters Scorpio. When the planet of reason moves into the keenly perceptive sign of Scorpio, you can bet that knowledge will pour in through your skin as if by osmosis. You can become so absorbed in your mental comprehensions that the earth could fly out of its orbit and you would miss the event. Mercury in the intense water sign of Scorpio brings a period of deep and profound thought…moving from the thrill of sexual excitement to the enlightenment of spirit. We are perceptive and aware. Not that we’ll tell anyone else about what we discover, though! Our thoughts are infused with such deep emotion that it can become just too painful to share our insights with anyone else.

This month’s New Moon in Libra on October 19th reiterates the theme of relationships once again. The “buzzwords” for this New Moon in Libra are “Love” and/or “Finances”. The sign of Libra is all about partnerships or in some case open enemies, it rules over diplomatic communications, health issues involving the adrenals, sugar levels in body, kidneys, and finding balance within. A great alignment with Saturn brings potentials for great outcomes from hard work, a conjunction with Jupiter expands all possibilities, and an opposition with Uranus brings a surprise element that could be an unpredictable, erratic or antagonistic force or a request from the Universe to stretch out of your comfort zone in order to make a situation work.

Since relationships carry so much of our own psychological “projections”, the best way to sort out a “problem” in your relationship sector, is to first ask yourself “what is this person, situation, relationship mirroring back to me”? What are my worst fears concerning this issue? Do I “value” myself enough for another person to really value me? Do I have “strings attached” to loving? (We all do…it is just a matter of becoming consciously aware of where and how we “project” them onto another person that can make the difference between a healthy and dysfunctional relationship.) These are tricky questions, but well worth investigating and of course, the “silver lining” is that is VERY possible to manifest your heart’s desire at this time…..but be careful what you wish for, as you WILL manifest it!

We do have a complicated transit beginning on October 22nd when Mars enters Libra. Mars in Libra is in its detriment — a place where the expressions of the planet’s natural inclinations are confined by the rules and regulations set out by the qualities of the sign. Mars, God of War, is not at all happy to be in a sign where polite conversation and tact are the rules of the day. He doesn’t like all that pussy-footing around. Understandably, from time to time, he has a little explosion and tells it like he sees it. When Mars is in Libra, we all become a little feistier, perhaps shooting off our mouths, only to recant upon hearing the next reasonable argument. On the plus side, we have lots of energy to put into getting our party together and throwing an all-together perfect bash with all the harmony we can stand.

Our passion increases on October 23rd when the Sun enters Scorpio. As the Sun moves through the eighth sign of the zodiac, we begin to feel a deep sense of strength. We become more secretive and intense about things. We know what we want and we’re going after it! As a water sign, Scorpio is associated with the sub-conscious. Scorpio’s energy is as powerful and mysterious as the oceans. They cover most of the earth, yet we know little about what lies in the depths below. The intensity of Scorpio is like that of hurricane hitting a shore line. Massive amounts of water were on the move and nothing was going to stop it. Scorpio is also a fixed sign, which means it is resistant to change. It holds things in and balks at giving up its old ways of doing things. But when the dam breaks, it really breaks. Contemplate these things while the Sun is in Scorpio.

All the Best

Joseph P. Anthony

By Joseph Anthony

Joseph has been a leading Psychic and Professional Astrologer for more than 20 years. He has been featured on countless television and radio programs and has been the astrologer of choice for many noted athletes and celebrities. Joseph helps create understanding about the importance of the core of our soul and aids in the comprehension of the symbols of our sub-conscious through the use of Astrology.

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