2021 Astrology Overview

December 31, 2020
Joseph Anthony

Hi Friends,
2020 is finally behind us and what a year it’s been; it is one for the history books for sure. Our lives have been changed, whole industries have collapsed (at least in the short term), we learned to live without overseas or even local travel, we’ve had to isolate ourselves, quarantine and wear stupid masks. We have become far less globally focused and more reliant on our domestic issues such as politics, economics, future trends, and uncertainty about our well being. While all of these orchestrated shut downs have occurred our economies have suffered. If 2020 was the year when everything fell apart, 2021 is the year when we begin picking up some of the pieces. Though, to rebuild, we’ll need to take on the formidable challenge of revamping our social, financial, and political institutions if we want to see a society where everyone in it — not just a select few — can thrive.

2021 is sure to be a very different year than last year with many more unforeseen changes ahead…..some good and not so good with some major surprises. The numerology for year is a 5 (2+0+2+1= 5) which indicts a journey of freedom, change, adventure, new experience, and learning from mistakes. Numerologist Christine DeLorey writes:

“During numerology year 5 (2021), we often feel freer and more able to make the changes that we have been thinking about for a long time. We will pursue new initiatives and could even feel like we are growing wings! Curiosity and desire for freedom will be present, as will the desire to go beyond our limits. The year 5 will reveal our small weaknesses and test us with temptations. It’s as if we want to free ourselves from our taboos, and what weighed us down last year. The unexpected and the adventure will disturb our daily lives. It’s likely that we will discover a new environment and feel more in tune with ourselves….although, we must be careful with our impatience and excesses.”

The Astrology this year involves innovation, hope, compassion and progress as Jupiter and Saturn both move through Aquarius. We as individuals, and as a society, we will be more open to change as mentioned above, modernization and futuristic thinking. This is a year were we focus on the collective, bringing people together for the greater good of the whole. Fortunately, the energy will feel a bit lighter thanks to Saturn & Jupiter in Aquarius; however, we must not be fooled into thinking we are on easy street. There is still a lot of work to do (Saturn in Aquarius).

The major players this year will continue to be Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus who will be super active the first six months of 2021. Beginning January 14-20 all three of these planets will be super charged and anything is possible. Mars will be joining this parade adding fuel to an already explosive unsettled energy. These transits are sure to ruffle the feathers of many people; the smallest thing can be blown completely out of proportion. On the positive side flashes of inspiration and insightful visions of the future are very possible as we breakthrough our limiting beliefs and values that seems to confine us. At times this may not be an easy task as Uranus will continue to move through stubborn Taurus and Jupiter and Saturn will be in Aquarius another fixed sign like Taurus.

Uranus will play a significant roll throughout the entire year. It will go direct on January 14th and retrograde on August 19th. Uranus is now transiting Taurus and will continue to do so until April 26, 2026. This planet is known as a rebellious sign in astrology, Uranus commands vibrant, electric energies of change. It governs discovery, innovation, invention, novelty, and all things progressive – both in terms of the political and in the sense of actual forward motion. Uranus is a true Wild Card in astrology. He’s brilliant, chaotic and catastrophic all at the same time which is quite a bill to fulfill. Uranus demands freedom from the status quo and won’t stop for anyone that gets in his way. His MO is change or be changed—without the courtesy of being asked.

The irony of the Uranus in Taurus transit is that Taurus hates change. Taurus is a sign that is fixed in her ways and doesn’t want to budge for anyone. Can you see the dilemma over the next six years friends? We will see this transit being played out right before our eyes in 2021, conflicts between our beliefs, foundations, security, values, money matters, etc. Some of us will gain in unimaginable ways with extreme highs—while others will plummet into extreme lows. The game of life is about to intensify in more ways than one.

This year Uranus will be super-active throughout the entire year because it will also be directly involved with Saturn three times in 2021, Saturn square Uranus, February 17th, June 14th, and December 24th. Saturn played a major role in 2020 and will play an even bigger role in 2021. Saturn, the planet of limitations, restrictions, responsibility, and karma moved into Aquarius on December 19th 2020 and over the next two and half years he will challenge us to improve every area of our lives, primarily having to do with institutions and power structures. Saturn shifted from its home sign of Capricorn where it exerted its conventional accountability and restraint (Covid-19, government lockdowns) and into Aquarius where it will need to be more innovative and respond to the change that 2020 brought in. In 2021 we will begin to rebuild the structures that began to be dissolved last year and we’ll be doing it a more progressive way (Uranus).

Now let me talk about Jupiter which you will be playing a large supporting role this year. Jupiter moved into Aquarius on December 19, 2020 and will leave this sign temporarily on May 14, 2021. Jupiter in Aquarius continues to amplify optimism, hope for humanity, learning to adapt, advancements in technology, thinking outside the box, space travel, education, and reforming the legal system…just to mention a few areas of importance.

Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius this year will be playing two different roles, Saturn rules physical reality, which means it’s energy plays out in a real world way. Jupiter represents good fortune, potential, and a dose of good luck. As they work together in Aquarius, there’s the manifestation of possibility, potential, and opportunity. Aquarius or Uranus (ruler of Aquarius) energy is all about the collective, the community, and the greater good. A perfect analogy is a beehive. All the bees share a common purpose and work together. Humanity can learn from the bees. These two major planets are laying the foundation for a future of teamwork, connection, and collaboration.

From May 14th to July 29th Jupiter will be visiting Pisces for a short while. During this transit optimism and imagination return, we may feel inspired by our visions of the future, dissolving old belief systems that no longer work for us, and using our imaginations to create new realities. However, the downsides to Jupiter in Pisces is that we may find ourselves fantasy prone, unrealistic in our expectations, and living in La La Land. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and therefore represents boundlessness. It is a sign that revels in spirituality, mysticism, and connectivity. Jupiter’s presence in Pisces only helps to magnify this vast way of living, helping us reach feelings, thoughts, and experiences that we could never have dreamed of reaching before.

Another reason 2021 will feel completely different will be the annual eclipses.
We start off the year still feeling the effects of December 14th Sagittarius Solar Eclipse that will be active throughout the entire year. Not only that, we will end the year with another Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius on December 24, 2021. Sagittarius is about our potential. The word impossible clearly states “I’m Possible” and this is a big year for Sagittarius energy. It’s about learning, expanding, and adventuring. It’s the free spirit who is willing to try something new. It’s the visionary who comes up with a game-changing idea. These Eclipses are connecting us to the Galactic Center which is in Sagittarius. As outlined in my previous video (Spiritual Activation- New Moon Outlook- Dec 14, 2020) The Galactic Center is just what it sounds like—the center of our galaxy. Whenever this energy is activated, which has happened during December’s Eclipse, and will again on December 24th; we’ll all receive another dose of cosmic consciousness.

Eclipses remind us to look at the night’s sky and remember there’s more to life than physical reality. It’s an invitation to open our hearts and minds to the great beyond. For those who are dreamers, mystics, and love to explore, this energy is going to satisfy your soul. It’s time to step into the bigger picture. It’s about dreaming your greatest dreams and believing in them. In this realm, optimism is oxygen. In a world that gives us many reasons to be pessimistic, the challenge is to maintain an attitude of gratitude.

On May 26th the first eclipse activity of the year begins with a Total Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Sagittarius that can test our boundaries in some capacity. This lunar cycle reflects the past in many ways and we’ll feel that need before moving forward. All lunar eclipses are endings or completion cycles, so we’ll all feel like something is finishing up or dissolving. I do believe it will have something to do with politics or possibly end of the corona virus scam. This lunation can also affect travel and opens up our minds to more esoteric subjects.

On June 10th, an annular Solar Eclipse in communicative Gemini can feel like a fresh breath of air or at least leads to great clarity around partnering and looking at life from different sides of the coin. Throughout the year, there’s a major theme of duality and being able to balance out the original visions through one’s ability to discern and sort out the details. Jumping to conclusions is a possibility, especially during dispute settlements. However, in general, there is a keen ability to connect through extremely wise and honest conversations.

The third eclipse in 2021 will be a grounding eclipse energy on November 19th with a partial Lunar Eclipse transiting through the solid sign of Taurus. Some will feel delighted to have this energy around, especially earth signs or signs with a strong need to plan ahead. This is a lunar energy to vibe with here, which will set you up for some nice influences for long-term investing, love, and money-related affairs in the future—especially for April, May, and the later months of 2022.

The year ends with a strong Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius on December 4th, sparking passion through Sagittarius once again continuing the theme of knowledge, education, and spiritual expansion.

Last but not least there will be three Mercury retrograde cycles, all in air signs, in general, these are time frames where communication, technology, data, mail, and mass transportation can be slowed down in some way. It is especially important to note who you meet or who reaches out to you when the trickster planet goes retrograde, as this is often an unresolved issue that needs to be taken care of in order to move forward.

The first Mercury’s retrograde cycle enters shadow (starts to slow down) in the sign of Aquarius on January 15th, stations and moves retrograde on January 30th, and continues until going direct on February 20th, clearing shadow on March 13th (past original degree when it went retrograde). This can be a redoing or rewinding cycle of looking at your more innovative qualities and can even lead to many creative enhancements for the greater good.

The second transit shadow begins on May 14th and leads to a station retrograde on May 29th. The trickster planet remains in this editorial zone until going direct on June 22nd, and finally clearing shadow on July 17th.

The final of this swift planet’s retrograde cycles occurs in Libra, entering the shadow zone on September 6th, stationing retrograde on September 26th, and transiting direct on October 18th and leaving shadow on November 2nd. This will be a more relationship-based cycle influenced by the Venusian planet of love. There can be a lesson regarding romantic communication and information uncovered during this cycle.

Psychic Astrologer
Joseph P. Anthony

By Joseph Anthony

Joseph has been a leading Psychic and Professional Astrologer for more than 20 years. He has been featured on countless television and radio programs and has been the astrologer of choice for many noted athletes and celebrities. Joseph helps create understanding about the importance of the core of our soul and aids in the comprehension of the symbols of our sub-conscious through the use of Astrology.

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