May 2020 Astrology Overview

April 30, 2020
Joseph Anthony

Hi Friends,
What a strange time we’re living in….at times it feels like we’re in the twilight zone. I did mention at the beginning of 2020 that it was going to be a significant year for change and so far it hasn’t disappointed. This is definitely a game-changing year and some of the most intense cosmic energy is just around the corner. The month of May is setting the stage for an energetic slowdown as four planets make their way into retrograde mode (Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto). These four planets will be taking us back into our subconscious to figure out how we got to this point and what the future holds. As with all retrograde planets it’s a doorway to the past as we rectify, revise, review and reconnect with others.

The powerful trio of Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto all in Capricorn over the last few months was expected to bring a paradigm shift within our personal and collective realities…and here we are facing that reality right now. Meeting up in the sign of Capricorn, these heavy-hitting planets were putting us on notice that the structures, routines and ways we work were coming up for restructuring. Astrologers around the world reflected on what this could mean. Economic downturns, recessions and environmental concerns were common theories surrounding changes in 2020. While those are heavy themes, the silver lining was that this year would also bring deep, personal transformation and important awakenings on an individual and collective level. That’s why I called 2020 “The Year of New Foundations”

The symbolism of Astrology helps us to see and feel the energy of the cycles, the potential of it—but not necessarily how it will show up, or what it will look like when it arrives. Many were looking forward to the changes in 2020, while being aware it would bring challenges, but who could have expected that the year would unfold the way it has so far. Things certainly look and feel different from how we thought the year would be going. More significant changes are in store before the end of the year. This month is not a time to rush ourselves into business as usual; instead, the cosmos are encouraging us to go inward, review and re-evaluate our beliefs and plans about moving forward.


We begin the month with the Sun in slow moving steady Taurus suggesting that we reconnect with the earth and get back to the basics of life. However, on May 7th a super Full Moon in Scorpio has us doing some deep psychological contemplation. A Full Moon in Scorpio is often a very challenging lunation. Full moons are emotional energy, and Scorpio is an intense and emotional water sign. This makes the Scorpio Full Moon a time when emotions are running very high, and we can be quite sensitive, but may lash out as a result, and can easily rush to anger. Anything that’s been stirring deep inside, that’s been shoved away and ignored for some time, can come spewing out now, boiling over and exploding. It’s better to consciously bring some of that energy out in a healthy and positive way like exercising or spending time by yourself.

There is a positive side to this Scorpio lunation, it’s a great time for transforming and being able to focus on something that has been in need of your attention and requires you breathe some fresh life into it. Because Scorpio energy likes to investigate this Full Moon is also a good time to research, to dig deeper, to uncover what’s below the surface. Scorpio is a sign that always wants to get underneath and find what’s really there, lurking and waiting to be seen. Sometimes this means we uncover something bad, challenging, and we have to work on solutions to fix it.

We’ll be questioning our friendships and associations beginning on May 11th when Saturn goes retrograde in Aquarius. Saturn in astrology represents the part of our experience that deals with limitations, restriction, uncomfortable tests, fear, a need for caution, yet will lead to the benefits of experience and wisdom. During this reversal we may feel uncomfortable at times with lots of responsibilities dealing with the past. While Saturn makes its way backward in the sign of Aquarius we may need to look at whether the group or people we are working with are all on the same page. If not, there may be some extra work required to motivate others right now and to get them to see their vision. The Aquarian energy will help to put in more hard work while inspiring others with their hopes and wishes.

When Saturn retrogrades back into Capricorn on July 2nd we’ll all be questioning if we are on the right path with regards to career and long-term goals. We are likely to revaluate how much responsibility we take on, and whether taking that responsibility is worth it! We can get more cautious when retrograde Saturn moves through Capricorn in a negative way and feel inhibited. We can also become more guarded in a positive way when we learn how to mull things over before making decisions. Depending on where this retrograde occurs in your birth chart, that’s the area you will be tested in.

Our need to express ourselves and come up with some new ideas excels on May 12th as the winged messenger Mercury enters Gemini. When Mercury moves into Gemini, words start flying by every means possible. This is when the phone starts ringing al the time and we’re all talking at once. Mercury in Gemini will make us more vocal, communicative, curious, and sociable. Mercury feels right at home in Gemini, one of the signs that it rules. We will have more of an adaptable, energetic, active and versatile mind. We’ll want to seek more knowledge, either through reading, conversation or through travel and talking with the new people. We may have more nervous energy that this can sometimes cause great stress which must find an appropriate release. Once again, exercise is a good way to release this tension.


Relationships from the past begin to resurface on May 13th when Venus retrogrades in Gemini. During this fated period which will last until June 25th, old friends or lovers may reappear or you may relive past life experiences in order to sort out karmic issues.

Venus has the habit of reversing into retrograde motion once every two years. In 2020, Venus will be retrograde in Gemini, for 43 days. Venus retrograde during this period, together with the summer solstice and the Moon Eclipse, will trouble the love life and relationships. During these weeks, you can do anything, but don’t make any life changing decisions in terms of romance, finance, or partnerships. The financial deals may also need a new planning strategy, and the creative projects may need different corrections, but also new approaches, this being the moment of great inspirations, great creative ideas. In the tense relationships, breakups may occur, because the issues that were hidden and avoided for a long time can now surface.

We may experience feelings of insecurity about ourselves and how we appear to others. A poor self-image can lead to relationship difficulties but there are other effects of this aspect that can lead to disappointment within partnerships. In the month of May Venus retrograde will be squaring Neptune and we may find ourselves more susceptible to lies, deception, disloyalty, fraud, and generally being taken advantage of. If your relationships are not on steady ground suspicion and mistrust can be highlighted during this retrograde… but relationships based on mutual understanding and trust may actually enjoy increased camaraderie, nostalgia, tenderness and romance.

The end of the Venus retrograde period (June 25) brings beneficial energy for starting new activities, it is a period when the energy of change is once again with us, and it depends on us if we use it in our favor or not. When this retrograde is over it could be a good time for reconciliation, forgiveness, and the reenactment of a love relationship or friendship that once ended.

Also on May 13th our drive turns towards imagination and confusion as assertive Mars enters the watery realm of Pisces. Mars is a fiery, energetic planet whose energy represents action and aggression. When it moves into the watery, mutable sign of Pisces, known for compassion and empathy, this is not exactly a cup of tea for the God of War.

In Pisces, Mars can come across as being passive, but that is not what’s going on inside. There are just different ways of being aggressive and strong. Mars in Pisces is not showy about it. He’s quiet and just carries a big stick. When it comes time for compassion, there is no one with greater energy to spend fighting for the underdog than Mars in Pisces. During this period, we’ll be quietly putting great care and energy into making sure that the world continues to spin in spite of each other.

Our attitude and philosophy towards achievement changes once again on May 14th as Jupiter in Capricorn goes retrograde. Jupiter retrograde is a regular cycle of about every four months. This reversal gives a chance to re-evaluate our spiritual needs with introspection and reflection. We may find ourselves dealing with particular issues involving growth and development, happiness, and success. Jupiter retrograde means that whatever area of growth you need to work on will be so important that extra time is needed to take stock and make sure everything is in order. You may be tested to make sure you are ready to receive the good fortune, new romance, or increased wealth and wisdom you seek.


The energy shifts a bit on May 20th when the Sun moves into the mutable, air sign of Gemini. This sign is ruled by the planet Mercury, its energy is flexible, quick, and filled with curiosity. When the life-giving forces of the Sun shine through Gemini, we get the incessant questions of the young child who wants to know everything there is to know, and whose mind soaks up the answers like a sponge. Gemini is about ideas: talking about them, thinking about them, swirling around in them. While the Sun, whose energy defines life itself, is traveling through this world, we really need those facts and figures and trivia. We thrive on variety and thirst for change.

The Gemini theme is amplified even more on May 22nd as the New Moon also highlights Gemini. The Gemini New Moon is often a time of great ideas and plans. Coming out of the Scorpio Full Moon, we want to pull away from so much darkness and find some light, which Gemini is pretty adept at. We can come up with lots of new ideas that excite us, and work on short-term plans to do something with them. Opportunities can present themselves to us to take initiative with our ideas, and we can get recognition for them. We can share what’s on our minds, and work on connecting mentally.

Gemini is a sign that likes to keep busy, so we can work on trying to be active. We can pick up lots of little projects, fill up our schedules with things to do, and keep busy with plenty of stuff to use up the mental energy we have. We can spend time with others, and being sociable can help with using up the extra mental energy. We may be more engaged in our communities, neighborhoods, or with young people. The downside to Gemini is it likes to keep going and going, and this can create some stress, anxiety, and we have to work on not taking on too much. Gemini wants to be busy, but a break is a good thing. Use up the mental energy, and then let your mind have a break from it all.

And speaking of mental energy, on May 29th Mercury enters the emotional world of Cancer. When Mercury moves into Cancer, it sends our reasoning process into “feelings” mode. Cancer is a water sign, so thoughts just pour in on their own. During this transit we’ll find our minds taking a lot of logical side trips, as we bounce from river to ocean and back to a little lake before settling down on the home front. With Mercury in Cancer our thoughts will be greatly influenced by subconscious patterns – thoughts will affect our emotional state and vise-versa. Our memories are good and we’ll feel a bit more nostalgic with the ability to absorb knowledge subconsciously. The mental disposition is quiet, good-humored, easy-going and sociable, but somewhat changeable. Our minds can be sound and strong, but not always quick or alert. During this transit there is a tendency to be introverted and contemplative – others may view us as day dreamers. Notwithstanding, this ability to turn the mind inward can bring intuitive insights which border on the genius.

By Joseph Anthony

Joseph has been a leading Psychic and Professional Astrologer for more than 20 years. He has been featured on countless television and radio programs and has been the astrologer of choice for many noted athletes and celebrities. Joseph helps create understanding about the importance of the core of our soul and aids in the comprehension of the symbols of our sub-conscious through the use of Astrology.

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